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Cincinnati photographers: The lil men get shaved


If you know me, you know that I have a small petting zoo at my home and should really start thinking about charging admission to come over. I have 3 Boston terriers, and 2 cats. Yes, 5 animals and  3 are sweet little rescues and are a prime example of having a bad life and now being soooooo spoiled that they cannot see straight.  Well, lately I have became OBNOXIOUSLY allergic to my two fur men. 🙁

I have tried EVERYTHING and have resorted to this today…

I had them shaved.

Only Butters decided to make a cameo, Nigel decided NOT to make an appearance.

I threw in Louis the new rescue pup in as well as you get to see him being rotten asking for cookies and trying to open the pantry.

I also threw in Matilda because she is my princess.


Felt no need to come out from under the covers from the bed for these shenanigans.


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