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Cincinnati Photographer: Louis Winthorpe III aka Louie!

Hello all!

All that personally know me, know that I LOVE my dogs probably a little too much…. 😛  Luke and I are partial to Boston terriers.  We already have two named Matilda and Roxie.  They are biological sisters and they just rule Luke and I’s life.  We couldn’t love them anymore.   Anyone that owns a Boston terrier can tell you that they are nothing like any other breed of dog and they are quite special.   Well, we have always followed a wonderful organization called the Midwest Boston terrier rescue.  They are a non-profit group that rescues Boston terriers and Boston mixes, puts them in foster homes until they find them the perfect forever home.  Luke and I decided that since we love ours sooo much, that we would be perfect to give a Boston a second chance and have them live an uber spoiled life like our two babies.  Well, we received our little boy.  His name is now Louie.  🙂  He is about 5 years old, a cancer survivor, and was a little torn up from the streets.  He had his tumor removed, bandages on his scratches, and received tons of hugs and kisses from his wonderful foster parents.  He is soooo sweet!  He LOVES his new sisters and his two cat brothers, and has now conquered the stairs! 🙂 Here are the first of MANY to come of Louie’s portraits.

Also, I could not thank enough the wonderful people at Midwest Boston terrier rescue.  They are truly selfless on giving these poor dogs a second chance on life, and giving them a temporary loving home until they find them new mommies and daddies.  If you are interested in making a donation, fostering, or even donating your time make sure that you check them the Midwest Boston terrier rescue and help such a wonderful cause!

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  • Beth - Thank you so much for praise of our organization. You and Louie are the reason that we rescue.

    Thanks again!

    Foster Mom

  • Michelle - Louie!!! Hi, I’m the volunteer for MWBTR that pulled Louie from the shelter, a very dirty, scared, battle scarred boy who jumped in my car as if he knew he was on his way to a much better life! Even though he’d obvious been through some tough times, he gave me kisses and it was easy to see the beautiful boy he would become with some love and TLC. Congrats on adopting Louie!

  • melanie walker - Hi Sherri and Luke

    Was wonderful meeting you at the pet adoption this past weekend. I am so happy for you and for LOUIE. What a super special pup he is. I fell in love with him right away. Your photos are adorable. I can see the happiness in his eyes already. He is a testament to his breed. Anytime you need a babysitter you let me know. LOL

    Melanie Walker

  • LuAnn - Louis is georgeous! What a fabulous addition to your family he makes. I cant wait to come and see him!

  • Linda Howard - Thank you Sherri for your kind words about Midwest BT Rescue! To see our babies get the loving homes they deserve – that is such a wonderful feeling. Louis and his new sisters are just toooo cute. Looking forward to following their adventures.

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